Middle Market Focused. Intelligent Management. Brilliant Performance.

Advalurem is a leading private asset management company focused on commercial and residential real estate generally referred to as “middle market,” those assets requiring equity capital of $3 to $15 million and valued between $10 and $50 million. Headquartered in New York, Advalurem leverages its industry relationships, platform technology and data analytics to identify underserved places and properties that demonstrate compelling relative value. We target unique, high-quality real estate investments that are overlooked by institutional investors because of their “under the radar” size and provide portfolio diversification that smaller specialized operators cannot. Based on the real estate cycle, Advalurem intelligently structures investments along the risk/return spectrum and actively manages its portfolio through proper governance and professional management. Our objectives are to preserve capital, produce consistent cash yields, and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its clients. We do this by carefully constructing a diversified portfolio of real estate investments that fit our discerning criteria and are distinguished by the firm’s niche strategy.

Our Executives, Gabriel Pozo and Fred Scott have 50 years of deep industry experience, transacting in more than $10 billion of real estate for such firms as Madison International Realty, Credit Suisse, Lazard, and Strategic Capital Partners. Since commencing operations in 2012, Advalurem has invested in approximately $300 million of institutional quality commercial real estate across the United States.

“We offer an approachable, agile, and disciplined institutional real estate platform targeting a niche segment of the market.”

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