Advalurem Group is pleased to announce that it recently formed a strategic partnership with IRA Services Trust to offer Advalurem private wealth clients and their respective advisors with the ability to utilize tax advantaged retirement accounts to subscribe to Advalurem sponsored investment vehicles.

IRA Services Trust Company is a custodian of self-directed IRA accounts that has for over three decades, assisted various levels of investors with sophisticated custodial trust solutions. Self-directed IRAs provide a way for individuals, advisors and institutions to invest in a vast array of alternative investments, including private real estate, precious metals, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, private stock, promissory notes and more.

IRA Services Trust works with investment and asset management firms who specialize in providing alternative investment products. As importantly they work with individuals who seek the tax advantages of a self-directed retirement account.

“We explored numerous custodians before reaching an agreement with IRA Services Trust,” explained Gabriel Pozo, Principal of Advalurem Group. “We feel they provide a high level of customer service and charge the lowest fees in the industry.”

For additional information, please click on here or log onto www.iraservices.com/advalurem that will contain additional information on self-directed IRAs as well as information to register your IRA account to allow for investment in Advalurem funds.

“We are pleased to offer our investors with the ability use their retirement capital in Advalurem sponsored investment vehicles to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns,” said Fred Scott, Principal of Advalurem Group.

About Advalurem Group
Advalurem Group is a privately held, investment and asset management firm that provides limited partners with an institutional platform to invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate. The firm utilizes a value-oriented, middle-market investment strategy to acquire influential and controlling ownership interests in high-quality, moderate-sized property, emphasizing capital preservation and consistent cash yields. Since its formation in 2012, Advalurem Group has invested partner capital in approximately $250 million of commercial properties in Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities across the country. The firm is based in New York.